Lanificio Brunetto Morganti & C.

Lanificio Brunetto Morganti & C.

Lanificio Brunetto Morganti & c Spa is a textile company with more than 40 years experience, specialized, since the beginning, in the production of textile goods for garments in various weights and finishing.
Located in the Macrolotto 1 area, near Tavola, extremely easy to reach both from the motorway A11 ( Prato ovest gate) and A1-A11 ( Prato est gate).
Every year our company produce textile goods using overall fibers of natural origin such as wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, linen or of industrial origin like polyamide, polyester and viscose, always in the respect of the " Made in Italy".


Our textile articles are mainly exported to England, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Chile, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Romania, Sweden, Germany, France, Croatia, Poland, Spain , Usa, Canada, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, China and South Korea.

We have several agents also for Italy and our products meet interest both for the programmed lines and also for the Pronto Moda.


The company was established in 1972 by the brothers Brunetto and Paolo Morganti, after a long experience with weaving department.

The nascent fashion market and the manufacture of articles realized with recycled raw material (the famous Cardato Pratese ) have been the winning ideas that has allowed us to introduce in the various markets our products receiving positive replies from the customers all over the world.


Since 2007, the corporate structure of the company has been changed from Snc to Spa. Always with a view of innovation we have developed our basic ranges at 360° bearing in mind the tradition of the carded and the Made in ltaly.